Special orders - ball cap brims of leather designs, steam & shape Western hats and all types of silver trim.








Need a saddle fixed, boots stretched, blanket repaired. Go see Skeeter (Edward "Skeeter" Hembry). Skeeter's reputation extends beyond the western saddles that make up the bulk of his business. Over the years, he has been called upon to remake classic leather harnesses, antique sextants and steamer trunks, and Civil War saddles nobody else could restore. Skeeter is especially proud of the referrals he receives from English saddle makers who admire his work's unique craftsmanship. There is an art to replacing the seats on English saddles. Several English saddle companies that ship products to the United States will tell their customers that if they have a problem with their saddles, they should call Skeeter.



Civil War Saddles
" McClellan's "

Reining & Roper & Pony Saddles

Repairs and restores all types of saddles including the famous Civil War Saddle McClellan's

Repairs horse blankets ( must be clean )

Repairs all leather made items:

"Just call Skeeter"

Just through word of mouth, the name "Skeeter" seems to know no bounds in the horse industry.










Saddles for all around training, for work, play or show.
Specializing in custom saddles and tack. All saddles are hand made with long hours of pride and craftsmanship. These handcrafted saddles are built to be as eye-catching as they are versatile......

Western saddles: 


Cutting saddles:


Reining saddles:

Skeeter estimates he has made nearly 950 to 1000 new saddles and repaired countless others. He has shipped endurance saddles to Kuwait and made saddles to be shipped to UK and many other counties.

Price: $950 and up
Seat Sizes: all seat sizes are available
Your choice of trees
Allow 6 - 10 weeks for delivery










Skeeter's Quarter Horse Training Facility is a full training facility in Virginia just outside of Warrenton 

Get a jump on the Show Season. Private riding lessons on your horse are available to put the finishing touches on you and your horse. 

The Training Facility is equipped for all weather with a lighted 60' X 130' indoor arena, two outside riding arenas, a 50' round pen, and also a heated barn. The arena is also available for clinics. 

The Training Facility is equipped to break and train horses of all breeds. Boarding is also available on a limited basis. 

He also teaches seminars on tack care and judges horse shows nationwide and in Canada. In fact he may have a book published sometime in the future about owning horses. The book is about 80 percent complete, and will be divided into two sections.

" Horse Lovers Are Stable People "

Handmade custom chaps, belts, saddlebags, gun holsters and rifle scabbards

If it can be made with leather Skeeter can make it for you. Bring your own design or have Skeeter design it for you.















Skeeter was born in Herndon, Virginia and has lived and worked in this area all of his life. While in grade school, he started hanging around the Waterbury Riding Stable. The owners recognized that "Skeeter" had a taste for horses and a knack with animals. He began his career as a saddle maker in 1965 with the help of Mr. Mitch Harrison.  The Harrison’s operated a saddle shop, the Lazy H Saddlery in McLean. In the winter, when the weather was too bad to work outside, they taught Skeeter the rudiments of saddle making and repair. They gave him the opportunity to learn and taught him the tricks of the trade - racehorses, foxhunters, and jumpers.


Skeeter first shop opened on May 2, 1970 in Fairfax, VA and in 1978 he opened his current shop in Warrenton, Virginia. From this one -man shop in the industrial park off U.S. 29 near New Baltimore, Hembry designs hand tools and hand stitches his famous western and endurance saddles, leather chaps and other leather gear.  While dispensing a lifetime of horse sense and worldly wisdom to anyone who drops in and needs a hand.


  He’s known around the world and has had saddles in movies and shows both national and international. He recently shipped an endurance saddle to Kuwait and training saddles to Germany. He regularly receives referrals from the UK and Europe. Recently, a Dutch couple from Washington on their honeymoon saw his sign and walked in, buying one of his western saddles. A man from Brussels who was visiting the United States was interested in opening a tack shop in his own homeland. He was told to "Call Skeeter."


And every day, somewhere around the world, someone says: " Go see Skeeter."


Just through word of mouth, the name "Skeeter" seems to know no bounds in the horse industry.